Unless your family has struggled with chronic childhood illness, its hard to imagine years of doctors, examinations, tests, overnight hospital stays.. the experience takes over your life, and becomes a life of its own.

During those times, there is a value in having someone that understands, and is willing to walk that journey with you.

Zac's Legacy Families provide that support.  Thank you for helping us further our cause.

Your generous gift and thoughtfulness to help me provide for my family's needs are so much appreciated and the need was so great ~ you ~ an angel, a miracle, a blessing in our lives when we were so overwhelmed and despairing. Parker's Family
It certainly has not been an easy road because of all of Bryan's medical complications, but it has always been made easier because of kind, caring people like yourselves. You all have personified what God wants all of us to do.. to take our pain, experiences, and circumstances, and grown and learn from them to help others. Bryan's Family
To have the financial support when I couldn't work, as a single mother, took so much weight off my shoulders. I have the ability to focus on what was most important: my baby girl. The treatment, side effects, and trying to make a very miserable little girl as happy as she can be. I really can't thank Zac's Legacy enough for all they've done for Maddi and me. Maddi and her Mom